Code: CSP17232O605

  • Stretching but without elastane, 100% Organic cotton fabric.
  • Super soft and cosy; Made from the GOTS certified softest Organic Turkish Cotton in Turkey with a complete GOTS production chain.
  • Double layer for better protection, square shape with a triangle corner layer (Hoodie) for the effective wrap of baby
  • Chemical, pollutant and allergen free. Finishing and packing in a separate room with the cleanliness of a surgery room with a patent-protected production line.
  • Patented ‘Cleansing and Packing’ process; no chemical; no bleaching, no detergent, no softener, even no soap during the cleansing process. The innovative washing of baby garments with purified/activated water without any single chemical additive.
  • No pre-use wash is required, delivered to you in a sealed/protective food-quality package
  • Inside is pure/plain cotton, only the pure cotton touches the baby’s skin, not any single dyestuff.

Our raw materials are sourced, and products are manufactured in an ethical, sustainable, and socially conscious way.

Size: PR – NB – 3M – 6M – 9M – 12M