Product Information

Dear parent, thank you for choosing Clean&Safe product for your newborn or baby.
The item you bought has been made specially from 100% organic cotton and with our unique process, (Patent pending) designed for his/her utmost care and safety.
All Clean&Safe products are packed in a dedicated “clean room” with maximum possible hygiene; cleansed with purified/ozonated water in special washing machines and dried in the same close environment. Absolutely no detergent, no bleaching chemical, no softener is using in this system; (even the washing & drying machines are installed as unused and cleansed) So you can be 100% sure that they are safe to use and have no any chemical residues.
We also designed a unique “food grade” sealed package for Clean&Safe products; You will be the first one to open the package and can use it directly; without hesitation of any dust, insect or odor existence. So you can use it directly after the purchase without hesitation.
We wish a healthy and happy life to your lovely baby with Clean&Safe and Ozmoz products.

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